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Employment & Meaningful Day Services

 Star’s Employment and Meaningful Day Services support people in forming community relationships, learning new skills, and finding and obtaining competitive, integrated employment. Each service follows our person-centered philosophy, ensuring their time is spent working towards their goals and fulfilling their ambitions.

A person can receive up to 40 hours a week of Meaningful Day Services within a blended schedule that can combine the following supports:

Employment Services

Community Development Services

Day Habilitiation

Employment Services


We believe learning each person’s personality and skills is key to supporting them in having a meaningful day, every day. Our Discovery service is the ultimate “get to know you” opportunity that helps us learn how to support people’s passions and aspirations throughout every part of their day. For a period of about three months, each person engages in opportunities with staff members to share and explore their likes, dislikes, hobbies, interests, aspirations, and skills. People using Star’s Discovery service have the opportunity to:

Star’s Employment Specialist meets with each person’s family members and close supporters in the Discovery process to learn more about their skills and goals. These conversations, along with activities and community interactions, help Star staff piece together the picture of each person’s meaningful life, from what they like to eat for breakfast to their dream job.

Job Development

Star’s Job Development service supports people in finding competitive, integrated employment that is as rewarding for them as it is for their employer. Staff collaborate with employers to develop customized positions that suit each person’s skills in a job environment that fits their personality best. Meanwhile, each job seeker partners with staff to outline key tasks and deadlines to complete the searching and hiring process from start to finish. People using Star’s Job Development service have the opportunity to:

Job Development staff evaluate each potential job position from every angle, from work culture and physical requirements worksite temperature and noise volume. Adaptive equipment, assistive technology, and other accommodations are also considered to ensure each job seeker will have a successful, rewarding relationship with their employer.

Follow Along Job Supports

Whether someone has been working for five weeks or five years, Star’s Follow Along Job Supports ensure each person has continuous resources to succeed in their job. After the initial job coaching process fades out, Follow Along Supports are initiated through emails, phone calls, and occasional on-site visits for continuous individualized support. People using Follow Along Job Supports through Star have the opportunity to:

Ongoing Job Supports

New tasks, promotions, and busy holiday seasons are just a few of many changes that pop up during most peoples’ careers. Ongoing Job Supports provides support through these and countless other changes that may affect someone’s work experience. Star staff return to a person’s workplace for additional job coaching and arrange natural supports before “fading out” of the workplace once more. People using Star’s Ongoing Job Supports have the opportunity to:

Co-Worker Supports

We all remember the coworker who helped us learn the ropes at a new job. Whether they taught us a skill, gave us advice about our supervisor, or introduced us to new work friends, their support was essential to our growth and success. Star staff place the highest emphasis on taking advantage of supports that are utilized by other fellow employees, whether it be a coworker, trainer, or other workplace personnel. People using Co-Worker supports through Star have the opportunity to:

People utilizing Star’s CDS program have the opportunity to:

Develop pre-vocational Self Employment

With the right connections, a hobby can be turned into a career. Star’s Self Employment services support people in starting and managing their own business. Each person can network with community resources to receive consultation throughout their business development process. Flexible and creative adaptive solutions are sought by staff to ensure each person can run their business as independently as possible, putting the power in each business owner’s hands. People using Star’s Self Employment services have the opportunity to:

Community Development Services

CDS supports people in developing skills in their local community to live an independent, meaningful life. CDS continuously opens doors of possibilities in the community, allowing people to discover new interests, people they enjoy interacting with, and their personal aspirations. This door-to-door service supports people in small groups of no more than four to provide personalized scheduling.

CDS and employment
People employed part-time may balance their schedule with CDS and/or Day Habilitation, and others who aspire to work in the future can build their desired skills and explore employment areas of interest while in CDS.

Day Habilitation

Star’s Day Habilitation program is centered upon one simple concept: choice. The program allows people to explore new opportunities through an individualized daily schedule based upon each person’s interests, including opportunities to go into the community. Each person’s individualized schedule will support the goals outlined in their Personal Care Plan (PCP), ensuring their daily activities are investing in their passions and aspirations.

Star’s Meaningful Day Services Building features an array of opportunities to learn, grow, and discover new interests. Our Arts and Crafts Studio, Skills Lab, Sensory Activity Room and Technology Lab all contain tools, crafts, and projects that allow people to spend each day fulfilling their interests and ambitions.

People partaking in Star’s Day Habilitation program have the opportunity to: