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Employment & Meaningful Day

Star Ventures Day Habilitation Program

The Star Ventures Program offers innovative services to help developmentally disabled adults to gain skills important to living a meaningful and independent life.


At the age of 21, individuals leave the educational system and must make a decision as to the direction that their lives will take. Those joining the Ventures Program will learn pre-vocational skills, social skills, daily living skills and much more.

As a day habilitation program, the Ventures Program maintains a high standard for both staff and participants. Staff members promote a level of independence that is most appropriate for each participant and serve as role models and mentors.

People with disabilities want the same opportunities as others. It is not the intention of the Venture’s Program to shelter or protect from living life’s experiences. The program recognizes that, in life, everyone must experience failures in order to succeed.

While participating in Ventures, individuals have choices coupled with responsibility. They will meet others and develop friendships. Individuals are encouraged to be the leaders of their personal lives with team support.

Our Crews

Crews are small groups of participants. Each crew focuses on a particular interest to develop pre-vocational skills, hobbies, social skills and leisure activities.

For those who wish to develop work skills, options include:

• Horticultural and light landscaping (Star maintains two greenhouses)
• Cleaning and light janitorial service
• Recycling
• Paper shredding
• Kitchen and laundry responsibilities
• Caring for animals at Star’s therapeutic farm
• Arts and crafts

Other crews focus on developing hobbies, social skills and leisure activities.