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Star Equestrian Horses

Our horses are a very important and vital part of our programs. Each horse is specially selected for their ability to respond to the emotions of participants. Each horse has specific gifts and talents just as humans do. These gifts and talents enable our instructors to choose just the right horse for each participant, ensuring a meaningful human-horse connection. A significant relationship with a horse could help facilitate the same relationship with people as well as help participants to achieve personal goals.

Our horses come to us from a variety of backgrounds with a diverse tapestry of skills and temperaments. Each horse goes through specific training during their trial period. Once the horse is either donated or leased, they join our team as listeners, teachers and friends to our participants.


Wrangler , is a Quarter-horse Gelding who is very good at his job but occasionally gets distracted and needs to be reminded that he is working. He is great for walking and trotting in the arena but prefers to canter outside where there is room to really stretch out.
Hancock , is a Paint Mare who is often is mistaken for a boy. She loves to greet everyone with a little nicker when her name is called. She is great for transitioning between beginner riders and the more experienced. Hancock gets to know her riders and is able to aid what they need.
Belle , is a Percheron Mare whose alter ego is “Belle Diva” because she is very sassy toward the other horses here at Star. She prefers lots of personal space and always likes to be first in the field: she is queen of the equestrian center. Belle loves to show her helpful side and works hard with participants during their lessons.
Brenna , Brenna is a Belgian cross who is beautiful, shy, and sweet. Always faithful and steady, she is good at encouraging riders to post due to her very bouncy trot.
CC , CC is a Quarter Horse mare who is older and knows her job well. She is willing and responsive under saddle, making her a great lesson horse for Star’s riders to learn on. In the field she is independent andmellow with her field buddies.
Chewie , Chewie is an American Paint named after the big lovable sidekick in Star Wars. Though he is on the smaller side, he is of the biggest personalities at Star. He is famous for raising his foot to ask for treats. He is a very smooth ride, which means less bounce while riding.
Cooper , Cooper is a Thoroughbred gelding who use to have a career in racing. He loves his new job as one of Star’s program horses. He especially enjoys his stall time, treats, and companionship. His personality is like a big puppy dog, and he tends to have a little bit more go than whoa under saddle.
Dorito , Dorito is an American Cream Draft, the only draft breed originating from America. One of the favorite blondes at STAR, his size may intimidate some, but he is super friendly and always comes to greet people at the gate. He is a pleaser and feels most secure when he has a rider on his back.
Jarly , Jarly is a Norwegian Fjord and often nicknamed Star’s “teddy bear” because of his small, round stature and fuzzy coat. A previous award-winning therapy horse, Jarly continues to be a faithful program horse at Star. His favorite pace isthe walk.
Phoebe , Phoebe is a Standardbred, who is gaited horse who is fun to ride when she paces. Though quirky and eccentric, she is a champ in Star’s therapeutic and summer camp program.
Bob , is a Clydesdale cross that may appear to be a big and bossy fellow but really is a big teddy bear. He has a very playful personality and loves to pull his lead rope into his stall.